1. What types of products do you offer?
We're currently focusing on apparel and metal panel prints; however, we can customize just about anything you can think of including banners, buttons, water bottles, mugs, stickers, face masks, promotional print items (ie door hang tags & flyers) Don't see what you're looking for? Reach out and we'll collaborate to make your vision a reality.

2. What types of printing techniques do you use & what sets that apart from making my own say at home?

We use a process called dye-sublimation. Unlike inkjet printers and other home solutions, dye-sublimation doesn’t use the primary colours to generate all the other colors—it captures colors much like a chemical image does. You know how pictures produce the entire colour spectrum without any distortions? Dye sublimation does the same thing because sublimation inks or dyes use the same colours as present in the image you intend to print out. Since the dye is trapped in transfer material fiber, there’s no risk of fading, and the final print is as close to the digital image as possible. Dye-sublimation creates the closest possible copy of the full vibrancy of colours as caught in your images. Additionally, the colour doesn’t fade, nor does it wash away—making dye sublimation a far better method of printing posters such that you capture the full depth and texture of the colors you intend to print.

3. What do your lead times look like?

Lead times vary dependent on what your design needs and order quantity look like. Our graphic designers take a minute to channel their awesome into your customized logos and product designs. This process can take up to two weeks depending on the complexity of the project. If you're providing a turn key and ready to print design of your own or want to support one of our Project Canvas artist's lead times are minimal.

4. Where do you deliver to?
Globally. We have a local courier delivering within Ottawa and can ship worldwide. Shipping costs are market dependent. If you need a quote please reach out.

5. Is bulk pricing available for teams, corporations or groups?
Yes! Orders with 25+ pieces will receive a pricing discount as well as repeat group & corporate orders. 

6. How can I pay for my order?
Shopify supports a wide variety of payment methods including Visa, Mastercard and Debit through Shopify and Square. In addition to the site offerings, for those in Canada we also offer e-transfer as an option.

7. Why should we shop with you?
We know that these days there are a lot of shops to choose from in the market and we appreciate you being here with us reading this. Le Print Shoppe offers a truely diverse, fully customizable experience and is a small homegrown Canadian store. Le Print Shoppe started as a man with a dream and a passion and we've grown into a platform to do just that for others.

8. What are your values outside of being a small Canadian-based business?
The founder of the Print Shoppe is a BIPOC business owner that immigrated to Canada from the US. Having captured the best of both countries he is driven to encourage diversity in all areas of his life and driving the entrepreneurial dream for both himself and others. We feel strongly that no one should feel left out for their race, sexuality, religious beliefs, abilities or rigid gender expectations.

9.Are you on social media?
Yes, you can find Le Print Shoppe on Instagram and Facebook. Let's be friends :)

10. What quality/size do you need if I am provided my own images or logos?
As large as you can provide would be ideal. We accept a variety of file formats including PNG, PDF, EPS & TIFF.

11. If I have an idea but no design, can you help me create something?
Yes of course! We have on staff designers available to assist with logo creation and general design. Send us an inquiry at admin@leprintshoppe.com or on the contact form to get started. 

12. What does your ordering process look like?

1. Choose your apparel
2. Send your artwork to info@leprintshoppe.com
3. We'll send you proofs of the items desired within the week.
4. With your approval to proceed, we print and package.
5. Shipping in North America is expected to arrive in 3-5 days. Local delivery can be arranged for those in the Ottawa area.

13. Is there a clearance or sale collection?
Yes, of course. We often discount any back stock and have featured holiday and seasonal promotions you can take advantage of here. Check our store banner for sale codes as they often rotate.

14. I want something a little more high end for my company, can you deliver a higher touch product or apparel item compared to the standard apparel and merchandising offerings? 
Yes, we have tagged our standard and premium items for those looking for a little something extra and those looking to remain frugal alike. Whether your idea of high end is an embroidered touch, a collaged wall display or a softer fabric, we've got you covered at Le Print Shoppe. If you are unsure of what product best fits what you have in mind please feel free to reach out to us at info@leprintshoppe.com.

15. What brands do you carry?
We have a very large selection of brands that we carry (including but not limited to Gildan, Bella + Canvas, Adidas, Columbia, S&O and New Balance). We've  curated the very best of what these brands offer. For specific details, please filter by brand in our catalogued items.